Nathaniel Lepani

-His looks- Okay, I had to being this as the first paragraph of describing him. He was just absolutely gorgeous. Not everyone agreed to me when I said that... but to me, he was like a dream. You're never supposed to meet someone that how in your real life.... okay, I'm exaggerating... but he was really really hot.
His mum was an American and his dad was from PNG, which makes him half black, half white.... So naturally he had the perfect skin! He had this brazilian type of look exept his eyes... they were blue. I don't generally like blue eyes, coz they look a bit cold, but his was different. I don't now how, but they were. they were just soooo gorgeous. The only bad thing about him was that he was quite skinny, but he played soccer, so it wasn't that he didn't have any muscles, so I could forgive him for that(^^)

-How it all started- Well, I knew he existed, but I never really payed much attention to him. I think his uniform ruined his good looks. I never thought he was that good looking, til I coincidently met him at a restaurant. I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but I was out with my family, and so was he. I have no idea why, but he was in his formal clothes and he was drinking wine... and really, it didn't take long time or much effort for me to fall in love with him.

-Soccer- He loved soccer, and he was good at it too. He was a captain of the school's soccer team. He used to have picture of a Brazilian soccer player on his desktop, I think is was Rivaldo... And when the Brazilian team came to Brisbane for the olympics, he was cheering when with a Brazilian face-painting... My friends used to make so much fun of him about that, but I thought that it was kinda cute of him to do that. To tell the truth, I would have said anything was cute as long as he had those looks.

-Golf- This was a coincident, too, but we happened to take the same golf course. We had to get on a bus to go to the golf course, and I would always get the seats behind him, so I could listen to the conversation between him and his freids, plus I could stare at the reflection on the window. (What a freek!!!!)

-Luiz Rodrigez- He was one of Nathaniel's best friend. I'll describe in another page, but he passed away when we were in grade 12. He fell off the chapel roof, and never knew if it was an accident or a suicide. As well as being depressed about the incidnet, I remember being sick worried about Nathaniel, imagining what he must have had to go through... I mean, losing your best friend like that... it must have been really hard. When we had the memorial ceremony, he had the role of carrying a cross. He never cried or anything, which made me more worried. I remember being so irritated at myself for not being able to do anything.

-How it ended- Well, it was very normal. We had to graduate, so I never got to see him after that. On the last day of school, I asked him to take a photo with me (it needed a lot of courage since I didn't know him that well!) I didn't tell him about my crush on him or anything though, coz I mean, what's the point, when I'll be going back to Japan anyway. So that was the end of it. I don't kow what he's doing now. But he's one of the precious memories of Australia.